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Over 100,000 people have joined the Biobank and we have collected 50,000 blood samples! The value of the Biobank increases with the number and diversity of our participants.

Data provided by the Health Data Compass Data Warehouse project (

There are slightly more women than men enrolled in the Biobank, 60% vs. 40%.
Age Band Dashboard
Participants represent all age groups, from 18 to 90! The largest proportion of our participants is in the 31-40 age group with over 17,000 of these individuals enrolled to date (20%).
Participants represent many racial and ethnic backgrounds. We seek to broaden the diversity of our participants over time.
Race with Ethnicity Dashboard
The majority of our participants are located in the Denver area and northern region of Colorado. However, we do have participants from all around the United States, ranging from Washington to Florida. Since last August, 30% of new participants have enrolled from Northern Colorado and Wyoming, 40% from the Denver area, and 20% from the Southern region.

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